Multicam Outdoor Tactical Gloves

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These Multicam Outdoor Tactical Gloves provide complete protection suitable for any occasion, as tactical gloves, military gloves, hunting gloves, motorcycle gloves, driving gloves, work gloves, and so on.  The reinforcement panel and palm provide added durability. Features:
  • High quality: These gloves are made with high-quality mesh fabric and are very soft from the inside. These gloves will give maximum protection to your hands with a comfortable experience.
  • Palm Design: These gloves have reinforced palm double stitching to provide maximum safety to your hands and this feature makes these gloves anti-slip.
  • Perfect Grip: The Multicam Outdoor Tactical Gloves have a perfect grip. Nothing will slip from your hands, it will help you to hold anything very firmly with the best grip that makes it use easy and comfrtable.
  • Multipurpose: Great for multi activities like tactical, airsoft, paintball, hiking, hunting, motorcycle, cycling, riding and etc. Also suitable for some kinds of work, such as lumbering and heavy industry.

Package Includes:

1 pair of Multicam Outdoor Tactical Gloves

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